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Ageless Cars Are Made, Not Born


The dream is to accumulate enough money to buy an amazing car. The sort of vehicles diplomats ride around in when they are on duty. The ones that make people go “wow, what a cool car.” Unfortunately, money has to permit and it doesn’t a lot of the time. So, there’s a chance you may drive a motor which is old and decrepit, also called a rust bucket.

But, you don’t have to get judged every time you leave the house. Instead, you can make it impossible for anyone to guess the age of your vehicle with a few nifty tips. Here they are.

Choose A Good Model

Depending on your likes and dislikes, specific cars will stand out from the crowd. A girly girl will want a girly car, while a man’s man will fancy something powerful. It’s down to the individual. However, there’s no doubt that substance trumps style 99% of the time, except the 1% of the time it doesn’t. So, the trick is to pick a model which ages with grace compared to its rivals. Go for one that is long-lasting, such as a Volvo, and pair it with a complimenting colour. White is good because scratches don’t show up as clearly. A white Volvo, anyone?

Maintain It

Vehicles are out in the elements for the majority of their lifespan. Add to that the fact they are involved in accidents and they are bound to look weathered. Some appear worse than others though because the owners don’t invest in maintenance. Sure, they go to the mechanic when there is something wrong under the hood but the exterior is another matter. It only sees water when there is rain. Cleaning it regularly will make it sparkle and will take the age away. Plus, a fresh coat of paint adds an element of gloss also. And, both of these things prevent rust and degradation.

Swap Out The Number Plate

Licence plates are what the authorities use to track the owners of cars. One look at the system and they’ll be able to see where you live and a host of other info. Even worse, passers-by on the street can tell the age of the car by the numbers. 68 means it’s about as new as can be, whereas 58 says it’s ten years older. It may seem as if you can’t do anything because it’s illegal to remove plates, but there is an option. Cheap dateless personal number plates are available. And, as the name suggests, they don’t carry a number so no one will know the age of the motor.


Okay, so this is a cheat but no one will know the difference. The trick is to swap the clapped out old banger for a better model. To do it, find one that is the same colour and from the same manufacturer. Then, take the number plate and swap them around. Hey presto, the car is cleaner and fresher but it looks pretty much the same. Don’t tell anyone and the neighbours won’t find out.

Can you make your car age gracefully?

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