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I know, I know – you go travelling to avoid working. The whole point of a glorified holiday is to drop everything career-related and bum around for as long as possible. And, if you can see some sights in the process, that would be much appreciated too. So, the idea that a job and travelling go hand in hand is preposterous… well, unless you’re a travel writer. Then, it’s a fact of life. Before you drop the mic in the office and jet off into the sunset, there’s something you should understand: it isn’t simple. Sure, visiting new places seems that way, but it can get complicated.

Whisper it quietly, but here is a selection of career qualifications which may make the trip smoother.


Online leadership courses are a sign of the times. Back in my day (please read without a millennial accent), there were doers and thinkers. Nowadays, everyone wants to be a chief and not a Native American, which is why leadership seminars are taking off. Seriously, check out the gossip from edX if you’re a non-believer. While roaming the world in a group, there will be times when indecision becomes crippling. Humans hate pissing other people off, so they hold in their true thoughts. Natural leaders such as your good self can inject the urgency the tribe needs to carry on doing nothing. Yep, it’s an oxymoron.

Crisis Management

Anyone who has been away on multiple continents multiple times will know how complicated relationships get. Sure, there are the obvious love triangles, but there are friend dynamics to factor in, too. People will straight up hate one another because, and I quote, they chew too loudly. Sadly, get your head out of your ass and stop wearing it as a hat isn’t an appropriate response. However, you’d know that with human resources qualifications from Avado. HR managers deal with office politics on a daily basis, which is pretty much what you’ll be doing for the next six months. Good luck and give this post a shout out when you finally run for office. You’re welcome, by the way!

Small Talk

Websites and TV shows make travelling out to be a formative experience where you love everyone. Of course, this isn’t true. Yes, there are bound to be amazing men and women who stick with you forever. On the flip side, there will be individuals who you speak to for a day or two and never see again. As a traveller, it’s your duty to deal in proficient small talk so that no one feels awkward. You know? Like that time in the lunch line when you stood next to a colleague whose name you can’t remember. Jim, I think it was. Yep, it was Jim. Ah, good old James.


I thought it wasn’t worth mentioning because it isn’t going to take you by surprise. Then, I remembered it catches everyone out no matter how much is in the banco account. CFOs have to secure the wealth for the future, and so do you if you don’t want to make an unceremonious exit back home while dealing with massive FOMO.

Is your job starting to look a bit rosier now?

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