How To Stop Using Your Credit Card As A Feel-Good Therapy


Everybody knows the feeling after a stressful meeting at work or a bad social date. You need a pick me up, something that can put a smile back on your lips. For some, there’s nothing more comforting than spending time with the people they love.

But for others, spending money is the way to buy happiness. Shopping is the primary feel-good therapy, and, while it might works, it also isn’t a healthy solution. Both your finances and your mental health can suffer in the process. That’s precisely why it’s essential to learn how to stop considering your credit card like your best friend before it causes you serious troubles.

#1. Debts: They don’t feel good

Ultimately, the rush of the credit card happiness doesn’t last. Sure, it might be exciting to find a new pair of shoes, and you’re convinced they’ll make you forget everything about that terrible date or the altercation you’ve had with your boss. But in the long term, letting your credit card deal with your everyday pain can become an expensive habit. There’s no fun in receiving a credit bill you can’t pay! And when you reach that point, there is no finance escape left. You need to clear up the plate, using the help of Repair.Credit before you can lift off the weight off your chest. The feel-good credit card practice can be crippling if you’re not careful.

#2. Nice things don’t have to break the bank

Letting go off your credit card doesn’t mean you can’t have pretty little things when you want. You can! But shopping doesn’t have to be an expensive experience! Instead, it can be a fun and creative adventure that helps you curb your spending to indulge when it matters. Start with a simple rule: Don’t allocate yourself a clothing budget. Instead, sell what you don’t wear and use it to buy new trends. You’ll also find that learning to leave your credit card at home and take only cash can reduce your impulsive shopping habits.

#3. Have you tried to replace shopping with something else?

Shopping can become a destructive addiction that develops as an emotional answer to a situation. The quickest way to get rid of the addiction is to replace it with a new habit. While it might sound like a poor solution, replacing your bad habit by something positive can work wonder on your credit history! You can choose to relieve your tensions through sports for instance, or by taking a baking course. As baking is an act of love, you’ll soon feel better about yourself!

#4. Why do you shop?

Ultimately, impulsive shopping is a behavior that is triggered by an event. If you get to understand the underlying cause behind your reaction, you can find a way to stop yourself before it’s too late. Did you know that your brain focuses too much on how much you’re saving during sales and not how much you’re spending? As a result, while buying items you may not have needed in the first place, you can still be convinced that you’re indeed a savvy shopper. Remember one thing; You never save by spending.

In conclusion, it’s time to stop your love-/hate relationship with your credit card. Remember who’s in charge. The more you let the card control you and your emotions, the more miserable you’ll be!


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