How To Travel And Work


If you’ve always wanted to travel, but you always seem to have too many responsibilities that aren’t allowing you to set off on an adventure and be free – that’s a problem. You see, a lot of people use work as an excuse because secretly they’re rather nervous about the idea of travelling.

Essentially, it’s fear of the unknown, and so we keep ourselves busy because we don’t yet feel ready to fly. But if you keep doing this, you’ll live in your comfort zone for the rest of your life and never see anything different, and that’s a little boring, especially if you do want more. So here’s a solution, why not travel, and work?

This all narrows down to the kind of career that you have, along with your commitments, but there’s always a way around, you just need to think hard enough.

Working from home

If you already work from home doing something that involves writing, like a blogger, then you already know that as long as you have the internet, you can work from anywhere. And in fact, travelling may even open doors of opportunity that you never even thought about before. You may be able to get yourself sponsored, or hired for a certain amount of time documenting your adventure. You may end up deciding to explore and go on a Machu Picchu travel adventure, walking up the famous mountains while earning money from doing so!

Working for a company

If you work nine to five, Monday to Friday, then it will be a little bit more challenging to run off around the world, but know that there is such thing as a holiday, so if you plan well ahead of time, you will be able to accumulate plenty of days out of the year to then go and travel. Or, the company that you work for might even have other branches around the world, and if so, it may just take speaking to the boss openly about your dreams, and asking to be transferred. You can then work in multiple countries, and learn more about the culture every single day.

Taking time off   

If you’re ready to have a break from your usual job, then just take some time off, or quit altogether. Yes, it’s a big move, but you can always find another job, especially if the one that you’re in isn’t doing it for you. If you’re worried about money, you can work as you travel. There are companies out there that give work out to travellers to make some extra money while giving local businesses a hand. This can be anything from working on a farm or in the field to helping out in a restaurant. You also have the offer of accommodation too.

So now you have some solutions, have a think about your current circumstances and what works best for you. The most important thing to remember is your own happiness, and if that means making a drastic decision in order to be happy – so be it

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