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Planning A Simple Country Wedding


Getting married is the single most rewarding and happy day of anyone’s life. It is a time where we can all laugh and smile, where we get to spend time with our family and we finally are able to marry the person we love the most in the world. Getting married is a big thing and planning the ideal wedding is a huge part of that. If you love the countryside and you want a rural wedding this year… here are some of the things you need to do.

Location Location Location

Deciding on a location for your wedding is the biggest decision you will make throughout your lifetime. If you can get married at your favourite country house and take photographs in the countryside it can be the most amazing feeling in the world and it will give you memories to keep for the rest of your life. Make sure you take the time to

Research places in the local area and try to find the best place for your nuptials to take place.

Guests List

One of the main things which will make your wedding day special is inviting the right people. You will need to sit down and make sure that you invite the whole family and your closest friends to the wedding and then you can allow for more people at the evening do. Think about setting a limit for an intimate wedding of around 30-40 people and this will really make a massive impact on your day.

Get Crafty

The beauty of choosing a country wedding instead of a grand city wedding is the fact that you can get a little bit creative to save some money and you will be able to make some of the decorations and favours yourself. For example you can make a box for your wedding or engagement rings out of cardboard and velvet for the best man to keep with him on the day. You can create garlands and banners for the tables, make centrepieces with fairy lights and petals and your own invitations. Creating your own things for a wedding is hugely rewarding and fun too.


The season you choose to have your wedding in will actually make a much bigger impact than you would think at first. For example a summer wedding will involve glowing dresses, bright colours and likely an outdoor wedding breakfast such as a barbecue. Whereas a fall or winter wedding will be decorated with candles and cosy tartans and will likely take place indoors where it is warm and cosy. Think about what kind of wedding you want for yourself and this will determine what you will do.

Borrow and Save

Why buy something when you can borrow it? Many families over their lives will give hand me downs for their children’s weddings and you could end up with a number of things for your special day which means something to the family and hold a lot of history. It is always worth asking for things if you can because it saves you spending money and you will end up with something much more personal.

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