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Is travel insurance really necessary? Yes, anyone planning to hit the road should get one. It doesn’t matter if you are going away on a business trip just for a day or you’ll be globetrotting around the world, you need a medical travel insurance cover.

It gives you the peace of mind to focus on the business at hand rather than worrying whether how you will replace your expensive laptop if it disappears from your hotel room. 

Here are tips to help you on settling on a cover that is both pocket-friendly and suitable to your travel plans:

Accidents and medical emergencies

You never know when an accident will happen. Your travel insurance policy should take care of such emergencies, but not every plan covers all kinds of emergencies. Before you settle for a particular insurance plan, get to know what is covered in the policy and in which countries they are covered.

For example, if you’re traveling to Europe this summer you should know that the EHIC card will provide you with free or low-cost healthcare as local residents. It is very easy to apply for this type of card and it will give you the peace of mind to know that if something might happen, you are insured.

A few years ago we went to Disney and my daughter became sick all of a sudden. He had to bring in a doctor, pay for the treatment that she was given and back home we received our money back thanks to the EHIC card that we had. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry and take all the necessary measures in order to have a nice holiday.

Loss of valuables

Pay keen attention to the terms and conditions of an insurance plan with regards to the loss of loss of valuables. What does it say about losing personal possessions, documentation such as a passport or even money? It will not be a pleasant surprise when you find out that you have to replace a lost valuable just because you did not have the patience to read through the terms and conditions.

Length of trip

How long do you plan to be away, are you planning for a short period or it is an extended trip? It is much easier to get an insurance cover for short trips. You might, however, need an annual cover if you are traveling for long periods of time. Though it is possible to get a time-specific cover that takes care of the exact period of time you expect to be away, the only downside being that unplanned extensions will cost you extra.

Trip cancellation

In the eventuality that you have to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances or an emergency, you don’t have to lose your money. Get to know what the terms and conditions are for cancellations and up to how much is covered.

Check your already existing cover

You might be surprised to find that your existing insurance cover already takes care of your travel. It may be basic, but there’s no need to go for another one if it can take care of your needs. Shop around only if you need a more comprehensive cover.

The exclusions

Make sure you are aware of the limits to which you can enjoy your cover. Some insurance covers won’t compensate for lost items that were unattended to, injuries sustained from extreme sports and certain medical conditions. This will be important before you set out for an adventure.

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