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Tips to save money during the summer


I don’t know about you, but for my family summer is the season when we usually spend more money than we’re supposed to. The kids are on holiday, they want to have fun so as a parent you think of ways to entertain them, ways that usually involve spending.

Well, not this year! Why? Because we decided that it’s time for us to buy our own home and for that, we need to save up. To tell you the truth, owning my own house has been a long dream of mine and I am very excited to actually start doing something that will make it become reality.

In a recent conversation with my mom, I realised how much things have changed over the years. Houses were much cheaper then and it was easier to get a mortgage. Using a handy tool from Sunlife,  I discovered that the value of her home has significantly increased since she bought it.

Of course, everything sounds easy when I say it, but trust me, saving up while you’re already paying bills and a rent it’s not easy, but also not impossible. That’s why I will share with you a few tips that will make saving money this summer easier.

Summer can be fun without spending a fortune

I will start with this subject because as parents, we all know how difficult is the summer holiday if the kids have nothing to do. I know that going to a theme park or to a nice holiday sounds perfect, but what happens if you’re on a tight budget? I’ll tell you, you’ll also have fun, you just need to plan it better.

Depending on your child’s age,¬†look for free activities in your community. Go with them to the local library, have a picnic in a park, play tourist in your own town for a day and explore it with your child. Of course, you don’t have to go every day out, you can also enjoy a nice movie at home, or have fun to play games in the backyard.

Everything is possible, you just have to plan it well and you’ll have a summer to remember!

Keep track of your expenses

I think keeping track of your expenses is the key! We never did that and at the end of the month we were always wondering where did all the money go. Not anymore! Now we write down all the expenses for each month and that makes it easier for us to see where our money goes.

By seeing how much we spend on everything each month, we were able to cut down on things that we’re not necessary and actually saved money instead of giving them away.

Look up for saving opportunities

These opportunities are more often than we realise, we just have to keep our eyes open and notice them. For example, I started using the car less and went for a walk instead. If the distance is too long, you can also take the bus, it’s cheaper than using the car all the time and sometimes nicer too.

We didn’t go out as much anymore, but we found the perfect solution for that too! Cooking together! It’s not only me that’s cooking for my family anymore, my husband helps me if he’s not working and that did wonders for our relationship too, plus it’s fun!

Instead of going out for lunch at work, I take some snack from home and I do the same with my coffee. By doing these small things, you won’t save a fortune from the first attempt, but you will save and that’s important!

These things helped me and my family save a good amount of money this summer and we will keep on saving untill we will reach our goal and who knows, maybe we will have our dream home sooner than we expected!

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