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You might think there’s no telling where a career path will take you, and in some ways, there really isn’t. It can have so many twists and turns that lead up to your penultimate goal in your career, but you’re the one steering the ship. Your career can take you wherever you want it to if you want it to. You can go as far, or you can stay as at the bottom as you wish to be.

But, we’re not here to talk to all of you who wish to stay at the bottom, we’re here to talk to those of you who are pushing to get to the top. Who wants nothing more than to succeed, be their own boss, and not have to be at the bottom of the corporate chain. Without that determination that we so badly need from time to time, you really aren’t going to get there.

Getting to the top, making your own moves, and knowing what to do doesn’t come naturally, it comes with experience, and it comes with help. Well, we’re the guiding light of help that you’ve been looking for. We’ve got some solid advice that should help you work your way to the top, so have a read on to find out more.

Starting From The Bottom

You can just jump into it at the deep end, but you shouldn’t. If you started off at the bottom of the food chain as it were, you’re getting experience that so many companies owners just don’t have. You’ll know what’s actually like to be an employee under a rubbish boss, to work long hours, to put in a graft, and you can slowly learn the business industry.

We’re not saying that you will become an expert in a couple of months. You need to work your way up, learning little bits about management as you go. The more you know, the further you’re going to go with your own adventure. Even if you have a great idea to become an entrepreneur, and you think you’re going to make it no matter what, we highly recommend you stay in a role and work your way up first.

Plus, it will allow you time to focus on your savings, meaning you’ll have to throw less money into your venture from the banks. The less money you use, the more likely you are to succeed as debt is the number one thing that seems to bring a business down.

Making Moves

When you are making moves through the ranks, you need to remember so many things. The first is to stay dedicated to your role. If like most people, you walk into work and see it as something you hate, you’re never going to get the most out of it. If you work for a corporate company at the minute, there’s so much knowledge that you could learn along the way if you actually dedicated your interests to the role.

If you really hate it so much, and you feel as though it’s not going to get you anywhere, then move roles and work your way up through a different company. Making moves shouldn’t take your years, you should be able to progress pretty quickly if you’re motivated enough!

The Transition

So, when it comes to making the transition from an employee to an employer, there are so many things that you need to focus on, but we want to talk about only a few of them. The first is registering yourself, figuring out where your office will be, and how you’re going to operate. Registering yourself is easy, we recommend you begin by working from home until you bring in a little bit of money as well.

As for operating, you should check out websites such as, and see if you can get yourself one. It gives your business an instant look of professionalism, it’s easy enough to set up, and it should help to bring in more custom. Slowly expand your business through the use of marketing, don’t go into too much debt, and you can’t really go wrong here!

The Success

So, this is the final piece of the puzzle in your huge career move. Everything you do will lead you here, and your only goal now will be to make sure that you actually stay here. It’s so important that you focus on yourself and see it as a career, rather than a business. You need to stay motivated like you would with a career, and do everything you can to actually stay there!

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