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Healthy Foods For Liver Function


The liver is an important part of the body and it can play as vital a role in our health and happiness as the heart and the brain. The liver is tasked with metabolising all of the chemicals found in your food, drink and medicine and turning what it can into energy as well as removing any toxins from the body.

If you are on a health kick for the fall and are looking for something else to bring into your routine, there are many healthy liver foods which will keep the liver functioning perfectly and it will keep the liver happy throughout your life. Here are a few foods and drinks to consume for a happy liver.


Ahh coffee. It is always nice to know that your favourite morning pick me up had the ability to help the body as well as our spirits. Coffee is a drink which actually has several benefits and can even help with weight loss, but what it can do for the liver is much better. When you drink coffee you can significantly reduce the risk of liver disease and cirrhosis which can be a permanent and deadly affliction. Make sure you get your coffee a day and your liver will be happy and protected.


We all know that tea comes in many shapes and sizes: white tea, green tea, herbal tea, black tea… and we all know that it is healthy. Tea is a devil out drink which people enjoy all over the world and it has been linked with many health benefits as well as for the liver. For the liver, tea can be a great way to reduce fatty deposits in the liver as well as make sure that the liver is at a low risk of developing cancer.


Grapefruit might not be everyone’s favourite citrus fruit and it can have an acquired taste, however, it is a wonderful food to eat each morning because it offers some amazing benefits for the body including boosting the metabolism for more efficient fat burning. When it comes to the liver, there are two antioxidants called naringenin and naringin which are ideal for aiding liver function and protecting the liver from injury. Grapefruit is great for reducing inflammation in the body and this can include the liver, which is great after a night out drinking alcohol where the liver will start to swell.

Blueberries and Cranberries

When we think about red and purple fruits we always think about antioxidants and that is exactly what we will be mentioned now. Anthocyanins are cinatune within both blueberries and cranberries and are what gives these fruits their bright colours. They are connected with benefits for the whole body and for the liver. For the liver, anthocyanins can increase the immune system and make sure that the body is protected against illness and injury. They can also reduce the formation of scar tissue in the liver for better liver function.


Grapes are not only tasty little treats but they also contain a compound called resveratrol which has a number of benefits for the liver and the rest of the body too. Grapes can lower inflammation in the body, increase the levels of antioxidants in the body and they can prevent damage to the liver.

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