Hobbies That Are Perfect If You’re Struggling With Anxiety

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When you have anxiety you never know when it is going to appear and impact your life. And as a result, you can feel anxious a lot of the time, or need ways to cope, relax, and keep calm. One of the ways that you can do that is with a relaxing hobby so that you know you have something to go and do to help you to feel like normal again. Taking up a hobby to help you relax can make the world of difference, and can help your body and mind to rest and heal; anxiety takes its toll on your body in a variety of ways.

Ideally, your hobby needs to be something that is going to suit you and your personality. You might like the idea of sitting and sewing, for example. But if you are someone that generally likes to be pretty active, then a sedentary hobby could bore you quite quickly. So to make it last and make sure that you are able to immerse yourself in it, then you need to choose something that will work best. Struggling for ideas? Here are some suggestions to help.


Exercise, in any form that you choose, has so many benefits. But one of the benefits that would really help you is its ability to help you to reduce anxiety. Exercise helps to release hormones that can help to beat stress and make you feel happier overall. So whether it is yoga, running, walking, or weight lifting, any exercise can help your anxiety. Just find something that you enjoy so that you will stick to it.

Gratitude Lists

If you need an excuse to go out and buy some new stationery, then it could be to write down some lists. This can take a lot of things off your mind which could help you to deal with anxiety. A gratitude list can be a really positive habit to get into, though, as it forces you to focus on the good things in life, which can give you a boost when you’re suffering from an anxiety-induced attack.

Reading or Gaming

If you have a hobby that allows you to be insular and to just take time to yourself, then it is great if the hobby offers some level of escapism. Which is why reading a book in your favourite genre or even getting time to play a favourite game of yours can help. Being online on sites like Instagram won’t help your anxiety. But channelling it onto sites like Matchora could help to distract you and give you a focus, reducing your anxiety at that moment. If you find anything is a trigger for you, though, then it is time to step back from it.

Time in Nature

Being in nature is a great way to deal with anxiety, as it is such a breath of fresh air; literally! You could just take a walk in a park, have a picnic, or sit on your balcony and people watch. You could do any of the above things outdoors too, like reading or exercise. Staying indoors isn’t what you want to be doing all of the time.

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