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Planning Your Wedding Day Under A Tight Deadline


Sometimes, the opportunities have to be seized. And when it’s something so important like your wedding day, naturally our mind can turn to the many disasters that could occur. Planning a wedding under such a tight timescale is no mean feat, but it is possible! What can we do to ensure a fantastic wedding day under such a tight deadline?

Make A List!

Let’s get this straight, you won’t get very far unless you plan everything to the letter. Make a list of everything, and make a brain dump. Every little, big, and medium-sized concern or plan, get it on paper. From there, you can start to whittle down the options, but it’s the big things that could potentially cause logistical problems that need to be ironed out first, like the venue and (of course) the dress.

Discuss The Things You Cannot Compromise On

It’s better for you to get this out of the way now because you can’t be squabbling over minor quibbles a couple of days before the ceremony. Instead, work on the things that can’t be compromised, for example, if you are only able to find the venue that is perfect. From there, you can start to look for things like cancellations. Many wedding venues don’t like a gap in their calendar, and this means you can very easily get a good deal.

What Duties Can You Give To Other People?

It is a momentous feat for you and your partner to get everything done on a tight timescale, and this is why you need to consider the option of outsourcing some duties to friends and family. You need to make sure you trust these people, or on the other hand, you could hire a wedding planner like The Wedding Gallery or someone who’s got a significant experience in wedding planning. If you’re trying to do it on such a tight timescale, money can be an issue, and this is where favors will certainly come in handy.

Keep On Top Of The Admin Duties

Once the venue is sorted, the dress and outfits are picked, as well as the entertainment and food, the most boring part of wedding planning is keeping on top of the administration side of things. This means chasing things up, just in case there are any potential issues that have cropped up in the meantime. It can be boring, but it’s essential, but it can be at this point where spanners get thrown into the works, such as one specific guest not RSVPā€™ing, so just be sure to give them a little nudge.

Don’t Panic!

All of this work is incredibly stressful, and it can be very easy to get overwhelmed, but instead, focus on the end product, because you’ve taken this task on, for better or worse, and once you’re into it, you only have one way to go, forward. On the big day itself, you will take a look at the venue, your bridesmaids, and your partner, and realize it was all worth it. Don’t panic, breathe, and you will get through it.


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