The Conundrum Of Wine: The Friend That Hates You


Picture the scene. You’re just going back home after a long day. You feel tired and stressed out. There’s nothing else that could pick you up than throwing your shoes at the other end of the room and letting yourself collapse on the sofa with a glass of red wine. Or white, if that’s what floats your boat.

There’s a sense of relief that comes from enjoying a well-earned glass of wine at the end of a difficult day. Except that you shouldn’t be relying too much on the friendly beverage to have your back. Wine is indeed the worst kind of friend. It’s a friend who’s always around but never of any use.

It’s part of every party

Wine makes the perfect last minute gift for a birthday party. All it takes is to buy a nice bottle of a quality vineyard and, tada, you’ve got a fantastic present for the host! If you have a little more time to plan, a wine tasting experience is always a hit for friends and relatives over 21. You can also get a bottle to accompany most occasions, whether it’s Valentine’s day between singletons – you don’t need to be in a couple to enjoy a romantic film on TV and a box of yummy chocolates! – or a Christmas party.

But it’s deadly on fabric

However, the first problem that every wine drinker has experienced once in their lives is how incredibly quick stains happen. You’ve just poured yourself a nice glass of wine, and a few red drops ended up on your white blouse. Urgh. Sprinkling salt and boiling water can be helpful to blot the excess wine before putting your clothes into the washing machine. But when that happens on your floor – British floors being what they are – you need to get professionals such as Carpet Expert to remove the stains. Old stains are the most difficult to remove.

And it can make you do things you’ll regret

You had only a few glasses, and suddenly you find yourself sobbing on the sofa and drunk-texting your ex. It may not always end up in an embarrassing situation, but more often than not it does. You might say things you wish you hadn’t, or do things that are even worse. And for all you know, on the next day, you’ll wake up regretting your mistakes of a drunken night. So, thanks for nothing, wine.

It’s actually not as healthy as you think

If you’ve been telling yourself that a glass of wine from time to time is healthy, it’s not your wake up call. Any quantity of alcohol you consume isn’t healthy. If you thought that what gave the Mediterranean population its long life was a daily glass of red at each meal, you were wrong. Each glass of wine shortens your life by 30 minutes. So, that’s about 2 hours of life less per bottle of 700ml. You’d better switch to herbal tea in the evening!

Despite the social image of wine – drinking a glass of wine appears so classy –, you can’t call the vineyard product a friend. Whether it’s on fabric or in your system, wine brings more evil than good to your life. And on this healthy note, the best alternative is a spicy chai that’s filled with cinnamon; it’s good for your heart and your mood!


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