7 Miami Vacation Tips For The Best Beach Experience Ever


Are you planning a Miami vacation? The allure of white sand beaches and fun in the sun is most likely the catalyst for your decision to make South Florida your next vacation destination. However, to get the best Miami experience, you may need to consider a few tips from the locals.

Miami certainly has a lot to offer, but vacationers beware. There are plenty of tourist traps to sidestep during your trip. From tipping to coffee, let’s take a look at seven Miami vacation tips to make your trip amazing.


  1. Miami Starts Late

If you are planning on experiencing one of Miami’s hottest clubs, or even going to a few luxury parties, plan to start late. In fact, if you show up anywhere besides dinner before one in the morning, you will be having a long chat with the bartender, because he or she will be the only one in the club or bar.

Miami starts late, very late actually. Enjoy the beach and your new swimsuit, and while you are at it, take a nice mid-day beach nap, because you will probably see the sunrise the next morning.


  1. Miami Beach Is Not The Only Hotspot

Yes, enjoy Miami Beach most days, but plan day and/or night excursions to downtown Miami, Brickell, or Wynwood areas. This is a short drive or Uber ride across the bay, and definitely worth it.

There is a lot of culture and art to check out in these areas as well. Wynwood Walls for instance, is a great place to see street art from some exceptional artists. You can also check out Little Havana for some delicious Cuban food and culture.


  1. The Coffee Is Different

On the topic of Cuban food and culture, there is an important tip to consider when ordering a coffee, especially in Little Havana. The Cuban coffee is not your regular Starbucks concoction. It packs a one-two punch in a very small amount.

Delivered in a shot glass sized cup, the Cuban “Cafecito” is a sugar and caffeine powerhouse that will wake you up and give you the energy to explore Miami all day long. If you love coffee, this is an absolute must.


  1. Tips Are Often Included

Miami and Miami Beach have a few odd idiosyncrasies you may not see or experience anywhere else in the United States. One of these is the art of tipping. Many first time Miami goers are often subject to tipping far too much.

How does this happen? It starts with examining your restaurant or bar check, because 15 percent to 20 percent of gratuity is often included in the bill. This is non-negotiable. If you feel 20 percent is fair, then no need to leave an extra tip.


  1. A Rental Car Is Not Needed

Miami parking is frustrating and expensive. Parking is a million dollar business for the city, amounting to around $4 million in profits annually just in Miami Beach alone. Parking can cost quite a bit, and if your rental car or personal car gets towed, expect to spend a few hundred dollars and lose a day of your vacation getting it back.

To avoid this, skip the rental car. You can use Uber and Lyft to easily get around for a fraction of the cost that adds up between rental car daily charges and parking fees. If you want to drive to say Orlando or the Florida Keys, rent a car for those specific days of travel only. This tip alone can save you hundreds of dollars.


  1. Enjoy Ocean Drive For The Sightseeing Not The Food


Iconic Ocean Drive is a must when visiting Miami on vacation. The sights, sounds, entertainment, vibrant Miami colors, people, and culture are all on Ocean Drive. However, skip the meal on the famous beachfront street.

The prices are often too high for the quality you get. Not to mention the service is often poor as well. Going for drinks is great, but having a meal may not be the best of ideas, especially while on vacation.


  1. Find The Perfect Accommodation


There are a lot of places to stay while visiting Miami. From downtown city living to beachside hotels, the options are endless. But there are a few important accommodation tips to employ when it comes to your Miami getaway.

First, there is usually a resort fee and taxes that may not show up on your final bill. There are also tons of old buildings, especially in Miami Beach. More often than not, you can find Miami beach vacation rentals for the same price or cheaper that are modern and with an ocean view.

Wrapping Up . . .

Before you hop on the next flight to Miami, do your due diligence to get the best deals and have the best beach experience ever. The above tips are a few of the most important, but there are others to keep tucked away in your suitcase. If you have Miami travel tips, share them with us.

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