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Looking Radiant on Your Big Day


Every woman dreams of the day she will walk down the aisle looking like a princess to meet her prince waiting to welcome her into his arms.  Yet, the dream often fades into a nightmare as brides battle to get everything organized, particularly if you’re planning your wedding deadline under a tight deadline.

It often feels even more important to look your best on your big day, today that in the past, as in addition to the professional wedding photographer everyone seems to be a photographer today – posting on social media, instantly, from the convenience of their smartphone.  In addition, a lot of weddings look into Photo Booth Hire & Magic Mirror Hire with a view to engaging guests; which offers yet another opportunity to be captured on camera.

With this in mind, it’s imperative you feel comfortable in terms of looking your best on your big day, and this article offers some succinct advice on two of the most important aspects for looking at your most radiant on one of the most important days of your life.

The underlying principle is that of preparation, as the majority of times when it comes to looking our best, a longer-term approach is much better than following a few last minute hacks.  For instance, if you want your skin to look at its best, then you will want to ensure you are very well hydrated for at least thirty days before your wedding in order to mitigate the risk of dark circles or dull and tired looking dehydrated skin.


As advised above, it’s important to tend to your skin a few months prior to the big event, as all too many brides rely on makeup or quick fix facials moments before their wedding.  The core components of any skincare routine are to exfoliate, tone, and moisturize.

Then, there are options to use face masks in the weeks coming up to the event; of which there are two you want to particularly concentrate on.  The first is to use a deep cleansing mask that gets rid of impurities by drawing them out to the surface. That said, you definitely don’t want to use that type of face mask within a week of your wedding day.

The other mask to consider using is a tightening and firming mask.  If you’re on a budget, or just wish to use something entirely natural you can mix some egg white up and brush this on your face (in an upward motion) to help tone and tighten your skin.


Getting a good bridal fitness regime in place several months prior to the event the event is important if you want to look your best.  It’s important you take it steady, and build up the intensity over time, as otherwise, you might find yourself injured… and the last thing you want is to be limping down the aisle due to overdoing it in the gym in a mad rush to get in shape before your big day.

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