Make Your Partner Feel Truly Special On Their Birthday


So, your spouse or significant other’s big day is approaching, and you don’t know how to celebrate it. The right answer might vary from person to person, so it’s all about finding the right idea based on their personality. Here, we’re going to look at a few different ways to make them feel truly special, and which might be the best fit for your loved one.

Make it a party

The traditional option can sometimes be the best. Organizing a big birthday party doesn’t have to be a huge stress. If you have enough outdoor space in the home, you can surprise your partner by having them taken out for lunch or dinner, while you have all the guests arrive and quickly set up the party station. This is the perfect option for the person who is always socializing, always high energy, and has a wide circle of good friends who are more than happy to celebrate them.

Go for intimacy

Not everyone is the party-going type, however. Some people prefer a little company in a more relaxed setting or thoughtful gestures of intimacy. Sometimes, cooking a special meal at home can be enough. However, if you want to make them feel truly special, you could hire out private function rooms at a high-end hotel for the evening, too. A smaller gathering of friends or family surrounded by gorgeous décor and with excellent food served, without the pressure of a truly public space can feel both intimate and luxurious at the same time.

Help them chill

If your loved one is more susceptible to pampering, then what better time to give them the royal treatment? A trip to a relaxing day spa could be just what they need to soak off the pressures of work or home life. Spa trips are best enjoyed as a couple, so you can have one another’s company, but you’re not surrounded by so many people so as to feel self-conscious about the experience, either. A couple’s massage can be a really romantic start to an evening if you want to continue the pampering back home, as well.

Take a break

If they really need to get away from the daily grind or the constraints of their usual family or work life, then what better way than to go exploring? You don’t have to organize a whole vacation every day, but a staycation or a day trip can still offer plenty of opportunities to try something new. You might go catch a theatre show, go to an art gallery, take a walk in your local botanical gardens, or simply have a nice romantic time by the beach in the evening. If your partner’s seeming stressed as of late, this can be the perfect way to help them shake it off.

Is your partner the kind of high-energy person who loves socializing, someone who prefers something a little quieter and more thoughtful, or someone simply deserving a break for all the hard work they do? Hopefully, the ideas above help you pick the kind of celebration they’re in real need of.

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