Rewarding Loyalty: Premium Memberships And Invitational Events


If you are going to have a prestigious business one day, you need to start acting like you already do now. It takes time to build up your public image, the quality of your communication and understand. So you should be starting that kind of behavior now because, in the professional world, people tend to see you as the new kid on the block if you show up late.

By showing up late to the scene where businesses have tier and hierarchy in their customer retention programs, you end up looking like the novice that’s just copying everyone else. Thus, people can make snap judgments, thinking that you’re not high-quality or that you could be such a novice that you’re not worth their time. So how do you go about the task of creating an experience that is exclusive to loyal customers and clients?

Exclusive behind the scenes

Email marketing hasn’t lost its charm and effectiveness over the years. Loyal customers are those that have signed up to premium services that your business offers. For example, you might have a subscription or membership card, that gives discounts to those that sign up to them and pay an annual or monthly fee. The more customer shop the more discounts they get and thus the perpetual cycle of loyalty being rewarded continues.

However, to keep your loyal customers loyal, they should be made to feel part of an exclusive club. Therefore for members, you should have a separate email marketing campaign. Here you can give them brand new looks at products and services you’re working on and that will be unveiling soon. They can be given online discount codes to use on the website, and they are given access to exclusive content like trailers to events, and even blog posts.

Invitational gathering

You’ll see a lot of exclusive client-oriented events in metropolitan cities held by small and micro businesses. It gives you a cheap and cheerful way of holding your own personal event, with clients that have been with you since the beginning or for a long time, and unveil new products to their eyes only. This is why corporate function venues are so popular now, for just about any kind of entrepreneur. Here you have flat-screen TVs, a fully equipped bar, surround sound music system, microphones, and a stage, as well a dining table.

You can serve food that you have set up and brought with you while some venues can take care of the catering for you if you wish. It’s a great opportunity to invite key people that you would like to impress and further your business relationship with. Since it is invitational and the person who receives an invite has been specifically picked out, they feel more inclined to come and also feel their loyalty has been rewarded.

Loyalty in life is rare, so when clients and customers show you their willingness to continue holding you in high regard, you can secure ties with them through exclusive access. Design your email marketing campaigns separately for your premium membership holders and at least once a year hold an invitational event.


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