What A Wedding Shouldn’t Lack


A wedding should be many things, and the main is absolutely perfect. It should go ahead without a hitch, and it should be a day to remember for the rest of your life. Is it always going to be this way? No, that’s a fairytale wedding. If you want your day to go without a hitch in your eyes, you need to make sure that you’re going into it with an open mind.

You have to be prepared for a thing or two to go wrong, and you have to be able to overlook them in order for nothing to ruin your perfect day. But for it also to be perfect, there are a few things that it just shouldn’t lack. A few things that will make it the most magical day of your life, and that’s what we want to talk about today. We want to make sure your wedding has everything it should have, so have a read of our top ideas, and pop them into your planning!

Perfect Catering

We want to start this off by talking about the catering that you are going to have at your wedding. You have to admit, the first thing that people talk about when they’ve been to a wedding is the food, and what the bride looked like, and how the day went… in that order. Food comes first, and you know as well as anyone else that the first thing you ask is what was on the menu. And you’ll also know that if someone is going to say something negative about the day, it will be that the food was rubbish.

So, when picking your catering, you really need to make sure that you’re reading reviews from previous people who have had their weddings catered by that company, and what menus they offer. You want the food to really be the top class so that everyone will enjoy it. For everyone to enjoy it, it also needs to be really varied!

Perfect Preparation

The perfect preparation happens on the day in our eyes. You will know what you want for everything prior to the day, but on the day is where the real prep comes in. Our advice would be to have a trial makeup and hair run a couple of weeks before the wedding so you can find the style that you really want. Then, on the day make sure that you have a full pamper session for your skin beforehand so that it is in the best condition possible for the makeup!

Perfect After Party

Finally, you really need to make the wedding go out with a bang. Of course, everyone is there to celebrate with you, and they will love the ceremony, but the after party is where the real fun begins to happen. Everyone can let loose, have a dance, and you can enjoy your first few hours being married! Make sure that everyone is up and dancing, and perhaps do a free bar for an hour to encourage people to have a drink and get the party flowing. A good DJ is also essential. Perhaps get one of your friends to make a playlist so you know the songs will be good!

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