How To Make A Career Out Of Being A Clean Freak!


How often has someone told you that you’re a cleaning obsessive? Perhaps you love scrubbing down surfaces in your home, or you spend hours every week cleaning your car; either way, you’re a clean freak!

There’s nothing wrong with being overly obsessive like this, in fact, it’s probably more of a good thing than a bad thing. As well as ensuring you live a clean life, it also opens the door to various career opportunities. Mainly, you can make a career by starting your own business revolving around your love of cleaning. Want to know how? Here are a few ideas:

Offer business cleaning services

You could start a company where you provide cleaning services for people’s homes, but I think a better approach is to offer business cleaning services. Here, you can go around to different offices and give them a nice tidy up. It’s less strenuous that home cleaning, which can be a bit too much for even the cleanest of clean freaks. By cleaning businesses, you get to do what you enjoy, but without the stress of having to clean an entire building. Plus, they tend to be less messy, meaning the job is easier as well.

Start a car washing business

99% of cars are filthy – that’s not a real statistic, it’s just my own personal observation! We’ve all seen people with dirty cars, and part of this is because they can’t be bothered to clean them. So, as a cleaning obsessive, you can shoulder this burden for them. Open a professional car washing business where you scrub and clean cars by hand. It’s straightforward to start, and there are only a few things to consider. As it says on the One Sure Insurance website, you probably need motor trade insurance as you’re working with cars. Then, you have the cleaning supplies to purchase, and you’re pretty much done. You could rent out a premises to host your car wash on, or you can go door to door and clean cars like that. If you really like cleaning your own car, then this could be a decent idea for you.

Become a specialist shoe cleaner

Some clean freaks have things that they absolutely love cleaning. For a lot of you, this could be shoes. I know loads of cleaning obsessives that really enjoy cleaning dirty shoes and getting them to look brand new again. Especially when you’re cleaning white shoes – it’s almost therapeutic. The good thing is, there are loads of people who get their shoes dirty and just can’t clean them. So, you can come in and offer specialist shoe cleaning services. People send their shoes to you, you give them a deep clean, and then send them back. It’s a smart business idea, and you can earn lots of money this way.

I know there are plenty of people reading this who are absolute clean freaks! Now, you can see a few ideas that allow you to make a career out of your passion for cleaning. I guess the underlying point of this post is to show that, no matter what your interests are, there will always be a way to make a career out of it!


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