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Stunning Art Deco Engagement Rings This Valentines


Art Deco rings have always captured the heart and mind of vintage lovers. Those who have a passion for things past and an eye for antique jewelry will most likely love the extravagant designs from the Art Deco era.

You know your partner better than anyone. For those who value romanticism would love to see an art deco ring pop out of that pretty red box as you get down on one knee. If you know your partner loves anything from the 1920s or simply adores more trends that are indicative of the designs from this period, they’ll love it. If you wish to gather further ideas, we have put together some ideas for designs you can go for that make an irresistible engagement ring.

Art Deco Engagement Ring Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Choosing The Best Material

If you want to begin your search, start with the art deco rings at Kalmar Antiques for Valentines as they have some of the finest selection that boasts the glitz and glamour of the twenties. Check out the material the pieces are made of. Platinum and white gold were some of the most popular metals used in the design of Art Deco rings. In 1915, the start of this vibrant era, due to the increasing costs of other popular metals such as platinum, white gold made a big impact. As you continue your search, whether on Kalmar Antiques or elsewhere, you should see many engagement rings in this style.

Antique Diamond Cuts

The Art Deco engagement ring is such a beautiful Valentine’s Day choice due to its inherent uniqueness. If you are looking at a true piece from this time period, it will most likely feature an old European cut diamond. The most common include the cushion cut and transitional cut.

Geometric Shapes

The bold lines and visual statement these rings make is undeniable. The Art Deco was just before Edwardian times so you will find some commonalities. The clear distinction is the prevalence of geometric shapes and symmetry of design. The jewelry designers of the day were of the industrial era unlike the free-spirited and nature-inspired Edwardians.

An Engagement Ring With Custom Gemstones

Calibre cut gemstones have been customized especially for the Art Deco ring. Moreover, this idea as an engagement ring can be one so special and so unique. The stones are set in such a way that they are tightly packed together and as a result are very striking.  

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, if you are planning to propose to your loved one then art deco engagement rings could be just what you need.

As you can tell, there are plenty of perks to choosing an Art Deco engagement ring. If your special other loves this era in time then they are guaranteed to love the designs inherent to its jewelry design.

*Image source: Unsplash

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