Jewellery Pieces Perfect For Looking Like A New Person


Jewellery is something we all love to wear. Whether you’re someone who loves adding to a charm bracelet, or you’re someone who just loves to throw a necklace on and run out the door, you’ve got an invested stake in the accessory world. It’s one of the best ways to spice up your outfits after all!

And there’s a lot of jewellery out there, so you’ve got to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff. Some pieces are more effective than others at making sure you look good and feel your best, and ultimately, change both your own and others’ perception of you! You look quite a lot like a different person when you’re dressed to the nines like this. So here’s just a couple of the main jewellery types out there that will do that.

How much jewellery do you own? Do you prefer simple pieces, or do you love a bit of flashy gold and silver? How do you think you look when you’re wearing these kind of accessories? (Unsplash)

Wear Some New Rings

The more rings you wear on your hands, the more of a powerful and proud stance you give yourself. Rings have always been symbolic, with royalty of the past adorning their fingers with all kinds of large and exotic stones, and even in the modern day and age, we still have wedding rings to symbolise the vows we make to a marriage partner. So it’s immediately clear a ring can change someone’s perception about you!

And the more rings you’re wearing, the more of a ‘bling’ you’re going to have about you. So why not invest in some next time you hit the town? Make sure you know your finger size, so you never have to get your ring cut off and waste your money, and even think about thumb rings to give yourself more of a sophisticated vibe. Celtic symbols are great for these pieces alone!

Get an Ear Piercing

Getting your ears pierced is a great way to change your look in a permanent way that’s not going to be overbearing or expensive on you. And there’s plenty of ways to pierce your ear – whether you want a simple lobe piercing, or you fancy getting a stecher fitted, or you want the edge of your ear to be adorned in little silver hoops, this is a great investment.

Piercings don’t take very long to complete either, but you will have quite a period of recovery to go through, to make sure the holes don’t close up and you’re never in pain. Make sure you research cartilage piercings before you book yourself an appointment, and always get a trained technician to pierce your ear for you. Never try to do so on your own!

How is your style doing? How do you feel about the accessories in your wardrobe? Should you wear them more often, to give yourself a style and a confidence boost? Go ahead and let us know your thoughts!

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