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My Latest iHerb Order

      I've been a fan of iHerb since forever, but it wasn't until last year that I decided to place an order. Now I'm at my 5th order and I don't plan to stop here, although I have to admit that I really dislike their new shipping options.
     I did not post about the others orders I placed, because most of them were with food for my diet and I did not think that is so interesting, plus I never had time to make some proper pictures. Well, these pictures are not the best either, but I really wanted to share with you guys what I got. So, if I made you even a little bit curious, read on!

Make the most of ‘alone-time’- play Online Bingo

     What do you do after your partner heads to the office, the kids go to school and you’re done with all the house errands? Do you just sit around and wonder? Or watch the same old boring dramas? We say play online bingo.
    Online bingo is not a just a game but it is ‘THE’ game, which is loved by most mommies and daddies around the world. It is a great fun way to pass time for all the homemakers and non-homemakers out there!

The Best Colours for Your Kitchen

      The kitchen is the centre of any home. It is bound to be one of the most used rooms within your household, so it should, therefore, offer a fantastic style everyone can enjoy. If you want to transform a boring space into a wondrous place to cook and dine, you should consider the following beautiful colours for your kitchen.

Best Beauty & Skincare Products Of 2016

      Hello, my friends!
          Glad that you're here with me! I hope you had nice holidays together with your loved ones and I hope that you will make the most out of 2017.
          For me, the holidays went by quite fast, with a toddler running around the house all the time and wanting to know everything, it was quite hard to keep everything in place, like I like to. Now I'm back and today I will show you the beauty and skincare products that I used the most in 2016. If you follow me for a while, on my blog or Instagram, you may know most of them already. If you are new to my blog, you might want to sit down and read this post, because I'm about to show you some amazing products that are worth it! Enjoy!
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