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Everything I Do To Secure My Kid's Future

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 Even at fifteen, I knew I had responsibilities as a mother. I had a little life that was dependent on me for nurturing, support, health, and learning. As my little one grows from a boy into a man, I know, he’s not going to be as dependent on me. The doctors will look after his health; the school will provide the education he needs and yes, he will still come to me for emotional support. But, he’ll also have a group of friends and new social connections and contacts to rely on. So, what is my role as my son gets older? Well, as cold as it might sound, parenting becomes mainly financial support. Don’t get me wrong; I know parents provide more than money for their kids. But it is a big part of helping them grow. Particularly, when they reach the teenage years. I’ve already started planning for this stage in his life, and if you’re a parent, I encourage you to do the same.

How to Get Summer Waves and Beach Hair

 When it comes to summer hair, there’s nothing like gorgeous beachy waves to really get you in the spirit. From top models like Gigi Hadid, to reality star Lauren Conrad, California’s beach babes have summer waves on point. Here’s how you can recreate their look, minus taking a quick dip in the Pacific Ocean:

Scandinavian Interior Inspiration

Creating your own Nordic inspired home is now easier than ever before, With Scandinavian inspired interior design at the forefront of all homeware trends, there’s no better time than now to give your home a Scandi makeover. Here are some easy ways to create key Scandinavian interior looks to get you feeling inspired:

Looking After your Skin in Summer

We all know how lovely it is to feel the sun on your skin and in summer it’s nicer than ever to spend days outside soaking up the rays. But, the sun can really be damaging to your skin, causing wrinkles, premature ageing, dry skin, marks and even in the worst case, skin cancer. So, it’s really important that you look after yours. Here are some tips for looking after your skin in summer to help you protect yours:
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