A Guide to Making Sure You Get Quality Time With Your Family

People work so much these days, that quality time with their family can get put on the back burner. Quality time with the family is more important than anything else in the world. You only get one family, and no doubt you’d be full of regrets if anything ever happened (without trying to sound morbid). This guide will help you to spend quality time with your family, so you can get that work-life balance right and enjoy yourself:

Leave Work at Work

When you bring work home with you, you don’t spend enough time focusing on your family. Don’t make work the subject of your dinner conversations, or let everybody take on work burdens with you. Leave work at work and talk to your family about their day instead. Don’t make it all about how much you hate your job!

Don’t Find Time, Make It

You should never spend time with your family when you ‘find’ it. You can’t find time. It doesn’t just come around and smack you in the face for you to go, ‘oh! I was looking for you!’. You have to make time. You have to get up earlier and take them to school just to see them in the morning. You have to watch them play after school sports while ignoring your emails. Having time to yourself is important, but family time is even more so. It’s hard work, but you’ve got to do it!

Have at Least One Set ‘Family Day’ a Week

At least one day a week should be allocated to family time. This is where you can go on walks or out for the day and really make the most of one another’s company. Days out with the family are the best way to make memories!


Turn off Electricals

Electricals get in the way of anybody living life to the full, let alone when you want to spend time with your family. Turn off mobile phones, computers, and the TV. They are all energy sucks that we can do without. Instead, spend time speaking to one another. Read to your kids. Read individual books while snuggled up in the living room. It’s so much nicer than watching TV.

Eat Dinner Together

Eating dinner together is a lost tradition. There are so many benefits to eating dinner together sat around the table rather than in front of the TV. You can really concentrate on your food and enjoy it, for one. You also get a chance to chat about the days you’ve had!

Get to Know One Another

Do you really know your family, or are you too wrapped in work? What are your kids favourite subjects? Colours? What are their personalities like? They don’t stay kids forever, and before you know it they’ll be adults. Make sure you bond with them now and get to know them as people!

Ready to spend that much needed quality time with your loved ones? Use my tips before it’s too late. Have fun!

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