How to Look Like a Hollywood Star at Your Next Fancy-Dress Party

As you emerge from your car, you are greeted by the flashing lights of cameras and the sound of countless fans screaming your name. The red carpet lies before your feet and you make your way across it, stopping graciously to answer questions from interviewers and autograph posters from your latest blockbuster film.

At a fancy-dress party, you have the opportunity to embody all the glamour and luxury of being a Hollywood star – without all the drama and high-profile stress that comes with it!

Nobody wants to be the one lame guest at a fancy-dress party who doesn’t participate in the theme – especially if the theme is as simple and fun as ‘Hollywood’. Here are four simple steps to creating the perfect movie-star look for yourself at your upcoming fancy-dress party.

Pick Your Icon

Everyone knows Hollywood is all glitz and bright lights, but this general concept doesn’t provide a particularly solid foundation for your outfit inspiration. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the vast range of looks and celebs, simply choose a single famous figure or caricature to base your outfit on. This will give you a clear sense of direction and a real goal to strive towards while creating your look. Popular icons to emulate include Marilyn Monroe, the gangster stereotype, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and Elvis – but there are hundreds of other actors and characters to choose from.

Work Your Wardrobe

Fashion is everything in the world of glamour, so don’t settle for anything less than perfection with your costume. You need to get your outfit just right if you don’t want the tabloids to criticise your appearance on the front page! If you have the resources and skills to craft your own Hollywood-worthy number, go for it. But if not, don’t panic; costume stores like Disguises can ensure you look the part when you face the party paparazzi.

Get Ready for Your Close-Up

Famous people spend hours getting their hair and makeup done before filming a scene (or even just stepping outside). While you might not have the time – or personal stylists – to achieve the exact same effect, putting a decent amount of effort into your hairstyle, makeup, and accessories is essential if you want to really pull off the Hollywood look you’re going for.

Strut Your Stuff

Finally, the one thing that really sets the superstars apart from the Hollywood wannabes is their attitude. While the party host is preparing by blowing up balloons, you should get ready by inflating your ego. Self-confidence and superiority are the key ingredients for creating a movie-star attitude to match your attire. Don’t worry; you can come back down to earth when the party is over.

By following all of these steps, you can be the epitome of fabulousness at your upcoming fancy-dress party. You’ll look fantastic – both up close and from a distance – and your personality will suit the scene to perfection. Forget about making sure the cameras catch your good side; on this night of nights, you are stunning from any angle.

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